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(General Stream - English Medium)
Implemented From June - 2004 in Standard - 11,
Implemented From June - 2005 in Standard - 12
For the first 10 years of education students follow a general pattern. Since the students at Higher Secondary Level opt for specialization, this stage gathers prime importance. At this stage, students start developing their thinking process. They select an appropriate course to satisfy their needs, interests and abilities, so that they can meet the Challenges of future For this reason, they select either a special academic course or a job orients professional field. I or most of the students, education at higher Secondary level is a part of formal education which lead to the world of work employment. For others, academic and professional courses are like a bridge to further higher education.
Thus, higher secondary level is one of the most challenging stages in education. It is the major concern the students and their guardians that after completing 12 years of their study at school, they should be able to Join either some job or go for further studies. This gives birth to stress which can be resolved only by careful planning for preparing future need based courses.
National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCF SE) has given importance to quality and excellence as the path to the level of higher education. We have to identify various factors affecting the quality in the outcome of education keeping in view the emerging changes taking place in socio-educational scenario. It Is the need of the hour that our country should establish its own standards in line with international standards. It is suggested that to satisfy the needs and abilities of our students, the higher secondary education should attend to specialization and constant changes. The varied interest areas of students get focused at this stage. So they should be provided with the opportunity to select a course according to their own attitudes and choices.
Three broad streams - Science stream, General stream and Higher Buniyadi stream (Arts & Commerce) are available in Gujarati. The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, in consultation with the school textbook Board, teachers, and teacher educator has been able to frame the syllabuses of science stream for class 11 and 12 in such a manner that the student within some practical constraints can choose the desired line for further studies. The three, foundation of curriculum - appropriateness, equality and excellence have been taken into consideration in framing the syllabuses. The syllabuses of Std. 11 & 12, Science Stream, have been approved by the Education Department (ref No. UMS / 1103 / 1646 / G - 1. Dated 23-09-2003) and will be implemented from the next academic term beginning June 2004. It is hoped that the new syllabuses will prove to be instrumental in achieving the expected educational goals. However suggestions for further improvement of its quality are always welcome.
Shri M. M, Shah,' Research Education Officer of the Board has contributed to the publication of the curriculum booklets in time. I also congratulate Dr. Nikhil Desai, Principal Vidhut Board Vidyalaya, Vadodara, and his team. For helping in translation into English, with their best efforts. The Board has been*able to publish a separate curriculum booklet in English, which is something rare in the history of the Board. I hope this booklet will, prove to be instrumental in achieving the expected educational goals. However, suggestions for further improvement of its quality are always welcome.
Date : 18-04-2004
Guj. Sec. & High Secondry Education Board